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World Fair Trade Organisation Asia Business to Business Virtual Expo

By Antonia Taylor, Secretary of the Fair Trade Association of ANZ | Blog, News | 10 May 2022 |


The Fair Trade Association of Australia & NZ is honoured to be partnering with WFTO Asia to promote their Business to Business Virtual Expo happening on Wednesday May 25th, 2022, 8-11pm AEST via Zoom.

This exciting event is open to any businesses looking to procure ethical and sustainable products or understand more about Fair Trade Enterprises.


The way people consume goods and services has changed over the past years and we continue to see it today. People are becoming more speculative and questioning who and how their products are made. The clamour for ethical and sustainable products as a means to combat the effects of climate change has never been louder. Fair Trade has been a forefront of ensuring that goods and services benefit the people and the planet before anything else. It is a challenge we continue to undertake, amidst a global pandemic and a volatile economy.

As we continue to move forward and work towards the future, building stronger connections towards the people and planet has never been more important. Innovations continually developed by MSMEs that highlight the importance of caring for the environment and climate actions have more value now more than ever. Going back to our roots of  techniques that dates back to our ancestors and using this knowledge, systems and practices to propel the positive effects of Fair Trade is used to build a stronger and fairer world.

The WFTO Asia is proud to present the Fair Trade B2B Virtual Exposition with the theme: Building the Future to showcase the #FairTradeImpact brought about by our guaranteed Fair Trade enterprises’ fair trade practices and principles.

Fair Trade and ethical buyers will be able to view high-quality products that are produced by our Fair Trade Enterprises in Asia, and increase the channels of market visibility for our members.

During the virtual expo, you’ll have the opportunity to: 

  • Listen and get to know the unique stories of the Fair Trade Enterprises, including their artisans and operations, across Asia through a three (3) minute video presentation of each enterprise
  • Have first-hand access to our product E-Catalogue of new product collections
  • Expand your network and connect with prospective producers, buyers, and retailers

It will feature presentations from 30 Guaranteed Fair Trade Enterprises in 11 countries in the Asia region including:

    1. Armenia
    2. Bangladesh
    3. Cambodia
    4. Georgia
    5. India
    6. Indonesia
    7. Malaysia
    8. Nepal
    9. Pakistan
    10. Philippines
    11. Thailand

This event is free to attend and registrations are now open and can be accessed here. Once you are registered, WFTO Asia will send further details regarding the Product E-Catalogue and Zoom details.

Please note, this is a global event with participants in Europe, North America and across Asia, so the need to capture all time zones has resulted in the later time in Australia.  We hope that can participate or you can share with your networks, and look forward to seeing you at the event.

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