About Kashae

We are an Australian company who import fair trade and ethically sourced products worldwide. We are committed to being a part of the change to create sustainable income in these developing countries.

I am regularly asked what Kashae means - it is the combination of our 2 granddaughters' names - Jai-ka and Shae-lah.

Our project in South Africa is Ponieskrantz Arts and Crafts in Pilgrims Rest South Africa. Pilgrims Rest is a small town with extremely high unemployment.  A friend of ours Sharon started a wonderful training centre for the local artisans for weaving, pottery and glass jewellery. Ponieskrantz follows the fair trade principles - all artisans are very well cared for. The beautiful pottery and glass jewellery has been very well received in Australia and more is now in production.

We also support St Luagwa Anti Poaching Team in Zambia by selling handcrafted snare wire jewellery made by the local ladies in St Luagwa. The unique Snare Wire Collection is made using snare wire gathered during anti-poaching patrols in the South Luangwa or cut free from wounded animals including lion, leopard, elephant and wild dog. Wire snaring is one of the most devastating forms of poaching in Zambia’s Luangwa Valley, killing and injuring many of the area’s iconic wildlife species. With every piece of snare wire jewellery sold the equivalent of $5.00 is donated to help fund these patrols' essential work. The Collection has made over $40,000 for anti snare patrols since it’s launch in 2012. Our Snare Wire Collection mixes snare wire coils with beautiful semi precious stones, hand carved wooden beads, vibrant glass beads & freshwater pearls.

Our candles and recycled jewellery is made by Nobunto in Cape Town, South Africa. Based in the small village Napier, about 180 km east of Cape Town, NOBUNTO has provided employment to mostly woman of the disadvantaged community and guarantees an fair income for our employees. The unemployment rate in the area is in the region of 50%. The word NOBUNTO comes from the Sotho language, meaning "For the people".

You can find out more about Kashae at www.kashaewingsofhope.net

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