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FTAANZ recognises the International Fair Trade Charter

The Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand recently confirmed recognition of the International Fair Trade Charter, which defines how the Global Fair Trade Movement works to transform trade in order to achieve justice, equity and sustainability for people and planet.

What is the International Fair Trade Charter?

The Fair Trade Charter was established by organisations from across the world that are part of the Fair Trade movement. The Charter defines a unified vision of building a better future for people and planet for all those involved in the Fair Trade movement around the world.

The Charter serves an important purpose as the single international reference point for the Fair Trade movement globally. What this means is, that people and organisations that are involved in the movement globally have a document they can refer back to which clearly outlines the common vision and fundamental values of the Fair Trade Movement.

Rising inequality, entrenched poverty and a deepening ecological crisis have led the global community to seek new models of business and trade that drive fair and sustainable economies. The Fair Trade movement provides a model that helps us to all work together towards realising the Sustainable Development Goals to drive fair and sustainable economies.

Why was it important for FTAANZ to recognise the Charter?

As a regional network member of the World Fair Trade Organisation and the representative body for the Fair Trade Movement in Australia and New Zealand, a core part of the Association’s mission is to be the authentic voice of fair trade.

Recognising the International Fair Trade Charter aligns us with the global Fair Trade Movement of which we are a part and provides our support to our colleagues and friends worldwide as we all work to build and grow the movement.

Building the movement in ANZ

We are a part of an amazing global movement that connects across countries and cultures around the world in a way that few movements are able to do. The Fair Trade movement connects people in disadvantaged countries with their supporters around the world, including here in Australia and New Zealand.

Each time you share or like a post on social media supporting Fair Trade, you are helping educate others about how their purchasing choices can make a difference. By buying and supporting Fair Trade you are having a direct impact on shifting the dial on the big global challenges of rising inequality, entrenched poverty and caring for our natural environment.

Perhaps even more importantly, each time you buy or sell a Fair Trade product, you are supporting the person who made it by giving them a market to sell their goods and ensuring they are paid a fair wage.

The Association’s passion is inspired by our purpose: To lead and grow the Fair Trade movement to create a more just and equitable world.

By connecting with this global community, we have a great opportunity here in Australia and New Zealand to continue to build and grow a movement that changes the world in a positive way, every day.

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