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A webinar: Fair Trade as the Antidote to Modern Slavery

By Be Slavery Free, Fair Trade Association of ANZ, Moral Fairground | Blog |
The Fair Trade movement states No Child Labour; No Forced Labour.
However, the real power of Fair Trade is in providing sustainable, safe employment for people who may otherwise be vulnerable to exploitation. Fair Trade practices ensure good working conditions and fair pay – a living wage, for workers and artisans in disadvantaged markets.

This webinar was originally hosted by Be Slavery Free and was part of the online  Fair@Square Festival 2020 hosted by Moral Fairground.   It presents: 
  • A quick overview of the 10 Principles of Fair Trade which provide a framework for businesses to help reduce poverty through trade
  • How the 10 Fair Trade principles support ending modern slavery
  • A real business Import Ants flourishing within the Fair Trade principles and what that means for consumers and workers in the supply chain


Kim Good

Co-founder, Import Ants

Kim Good started Import Ants in 2008 to introduce Fair Trade products to mainstream retailers. Their first product was elephant dung paper, the ultimate in recycling. By turning a waste product, elephant poo, into a useful everyday product like paper Import Ants was supporting Fair Trade communities in Sri Lanka, the endangered wild elephant and encouraging people to think differently about using waste.

As Kim travelled around Sri Lanka, she noticed the natural fibre scrubbers the village women were using and fell in love with coconut fibre and its amazing longevity and scrubability. Kim was excited to find found another waste product that could be used to replace plastics in the kitchen. This to looking at other plant fibres and their properties and so Eco Max Brushes began.

With a background in design and merchandising, Kim uses her skills by adapting a product already in Sri Lanka for a western market. Tapping into the growing plastic-free and eco-product sector with our EcoMax Brushes has allowed Import Ants to grow and train and employ almost a hundred women.

Nimmity Zappert

Chair, Fair Trade Association of ANZ

Nimmity is Chair of the Executive Committee for the Fair Trade Association of ANZ, and is passionate about the Fair Trade movement and social enterprise. Nimmity has worked across international markets for 20+ years in countries such as Africa, Middle East, Europe including Russia and Eastern Europe, Scandanavia, Asia and the Americas. When travelling Nimmity wanted to do more to improve the lives of the so many people she saw in her travels that were living in very poor conditions and difficult circumstances. On return to Australia in 2008 after living overseas, Nimmity became involved in the Fair Trade movement. Nimmity feels strongly that business should be supportive and positive for the people involved and that Fair Trade practices are a great way to ensure that happens.

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