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Results and Feedback

The Fair Trade Association of Australia & New Zealand conducted a survey with members to gain further understanding of the sort of activity members would like to see from the Association. In the interests of transparency, which is one of our guiding principles, we are providing here a summary of the results. We hope to conduct similar surveys in the future as we continue to work together to lead and grow the Fair Trade Movement.

As the survey was anonymous, we also asked questions to help us understand the make up of respondents. We have included those results to help you get a picture of our active membership base. Note this is based on respondents only.

Summary of Quantitative Results

All of our existing members and friends were invited to participate. Of this we had a 28% response rate. Although our membership base is currently smaller than we would like, this tells us that it is a very engaged base.

The results of the key questions asking members to rate the Association:

Please rate out of 10 your satisfaction with the level of communication you receive from the Association


Please rate out of 10 your satisfaction with the Association's social media activity.


Please rate out of 10 your satisfaction with the general activity of the Association.


In the commentary and long answer responses, we received a mix of comments, with lots of good suggestions and feedback. This is all crucial for us to continue to improve the work we do. We thank all those who participated for their input.  

Our aim is to take on the feedback you have provided and track the above ratings as one measure of our progress.

Which State or Territory are you located in:

Which type of membership/certification do you or your organisation have?

How long have you been a member of the Association?

Are you a member of a Network Group?

Have you participated in a Fair Trade market in the last 12 months?

Do you sell Fair Trade items retail?

Do you sell Fair Trade items wholesale?

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