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New Podcast: Fair Trade Minded

By Cynthia Cheong, Founder of My Fair Baby | Blog, News |
Raise your hands for Climate Justice Now!

Tomorrow's World Fair Trade Day celebration will focus on how we are addressing the climate crisis.

Like it or not, climate change is happening now and already affecting communities and livelihoods. Tackling the climate crisis is not just an ecological necessity, but also a social justice issue and a matter of survival for the worst affected who are facing extreme weather conditions and perennial calamities.

We need Climate Justice. The aim of Climate Justice is to deliver fair, inclusive and sustainable solutions to people who are suffering the effects of the climate crisis while addressing the root causes of climate change.

In this special WFTD podcast learn how Fair Trade enterprises are already responding to the climate change crisis
Fair Trade Minded is a fortnightly podcast that gives you bite-size information about Fair Trade and how you can be part of it, to change our world by changing your shopping choices and lifestyle.
Hosted by Cynthia Cheong, Founder of My Fair Baby, who loves to teach and advocate for fair trade.

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