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What to give up for Lent

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What to give up for Lent?

Lent is that period of time between Ash Wednesday (26th February in 2020) and Easter when many Christians focus on deepening their spiritual life as they journey with Jesus towards the cross. Some participate in special Lenten Bible studies either individually or in groups. It is a period of self-examination, when we focus on those things, we call them sins, which get between us and God.

Part of the Lenten disciplines is giving up something we enjoy eating or experiencing. Popular ones are alcohol, cigarettes, tea, coffee, chocolate, going to the movies. Some give up sugar or eating meat.

How about using Fair Trade as focus for what we give up?

Rather than give up tea, coffee or chocolate, give up non Fair Trade tea, coffee, chocolate; and intentionally consume only those products where the workers received a fair wage and worked in good conditions in environmentally sustainable way.

This way you focus attention on the people of the world while feeling better yourself.

If you find it hard to locate Fairtrade tea, coffee or chocolate in the supermarket, try the health food store. It is likely to be both organic and vegan as well as Fairtrade.

And of course, after Lent comes Easter when you will want to purchase Fair Trade Easter eggs.

Links to help you locate Fair Trade Easter Eggs and chocolate:

Be Slavery Free


Fairtrade Australia


Support some Fair Trade businesses who have been directly affected by the bushfires:


Uplift Fair Trade, Katoomba NSW


Tribes and Nations, Faulconbridge NSW sell certified coffee, instant coffee, tea and chocolate


Other Fair Trade suppliers:

The Elephant Emporium, Picton NSW sell coffee.


Global Conduct sell chocolate


Jasper sell coffee.  


Koguis sell Fairtrade certified coffee


Apsara sell Fairtrade certified Divine chocolate  


Eloments is a certified tea brand   


Only Just Fair Trade, Eltham., Victoria. sell Fairtrade coffee, chocolate and tea


The Fair Trader, Croydon South, Victoria. sell Fairtrade coffee, chocolate and tea


Tradewinds sell tea and coffee  https://www.tradewinds.org.au

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