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The Elephant Emporium started around 10 years ago, whilst traveling through Southeast Asia. We felt an instant connection to the people and began exploring the possibilities of how we could support them. We currently support 10 groups across Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar.

The Elephant Emporium ensures Artisans and crafts people involved are paid fairly and equitably for their skilful work, which keeps families together with food on their table.

We build strong relationships with our Artisans, which broadens our understanding and appreciation of their needs, hopes and dreams. We then import the results of their creative workmanship, these unique and interesting products, making them available to you, the consumer. Woodcarvings from Thailand, Recycled Cement and Fish Feed Bags and rubber tyre items from Cambodia, plus a variety of homewares, accessories, bags and purses from Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar

We work with the disadvantaged community, victims of domestic violence, landmine victims and the general poor population. We ensure the 10 Fair Trade principles are adhered to within our teams which is extremely important to us. For some of our team, it is the start of social interaction and change for the better. Our designs are created in conjunction with our artisans, as it helps give confidence in their creativity and general well-being. Mostly women and family workers prefer to work in their own homes. This way, the family life s not disrupted by “going to work”. This is a huge benefit for families with babies, so they do not need to leave their home.

Over the years through our trading we have developed sustainable relationships & assisted in the growth of many a business and contributed to the well-being of many families.

On behalf of our ingenious artisans, we thank you for purchasing on The Elephant Emporium and your ongoing support. Help Support Fair Trade in South East Asia.

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