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About U-chus Fair Trade

Our Founder

Glennys Clarke the founder of U-chüs Fair Trade was first introduced to the life-changing magic of the fair trade business model through her travels in Cambodia, Vietnam and India. As a stay at home mom of two beautiful girls, she was inspired to set an example for her family by creating a business that was not just profitable, but that would also make a difference. So in 2007, U-chüs Fair Trade was launched.

U-chüs Mission

We strive to make a positive difference in the world, beginning with the lives of our artisans. Through providing them with the opportunity to work in a safe environment for a fair wage, our business helps them live a happier and more dignified life.

We believe in using locally sourced, sustainable materials and practices to empower our producers and artisans who live in marginalised communities to take control of their lives, businesses and community. Thus, continued business with our producer partners provides these communities with much needed economic security.

Together with our vibrant family of artisans, producer partners, wholesalers and customers we continue to make an impactful difference in the lives of many by simply making ethical choices.

U-chüs Ethics

We believe everyone should have the freedom to work in a safe environment. This is why our artisans only work in environments where their health and safety is highly regarded. Our producer partners provide our artisans with health and wellness services.


We strive to empower our artisans by providing them with the opportunity to earn a fair wage to support themselves and their dreams. They are supported by our partners to participate in community projects and undertake training programs such as management training and environmental education to further their career development.


We value the environment and promote sustainable practices through our choice of raw materials and supply chain. We use a variety of natural and recycled materials such as jute, seagrass and recycled fabric throughout our product lines to ensure that our production is eco-friendly. Our new textile range is block printed onto Organically sourced cloth, using AZO free dyes and or Natural Indigo.


We sell Home Décor, Kitchen + Dining, Accessories, Baskets and Soft Textiles.

You can find out more about U-chüs  at www.u-chus.com.au

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