Recorded Webinar: Fair Trade and Fairtrade: How we work together to Alleviate Poverty

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Molly Harriss Olson, CEO of Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand, joins Nimmity Zappert, Chair of Fair Trade Association of ANZ, to discuss the different aspects of the Fair Trade movement.  Learn about how Fair Trade businesses work to alleviate poverty with Fair Trade practices and how you can get involved.  Understand how Australian businesses can support businesses in disadvantaged communities in other parts of the world.  Nimmity and Molly will talk about the different roles each organisation plays in providing endorsement through the Fair Trader of Australia program and the Fairtrade licensee program. and how the organisations are working together to alleviate poverty globally. 

Article: Rev. John Martin on Building Back Fairer

By Rev. John Martin, Executive Committee, Fair Trade Association of ANZ | Blog, News |

Exploring Fair Trade through the Word, reflection, action and prayer Many Christians recognise the link between the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a fair go for people living in Majority World countries. One means of expressing the justice dimension of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and lifting people from poverty to dignity is via Fair Trade.

A webinar: Fair Trade as the Antidote to Modern Slavery

By Be Slavery Free, Fair Trade Association of ANZ, Moral Fairground | Blog |

The Fair Trade movement promotes trade equality and justice with the aim of creating a more just and equitable world. The real power of Fair Trade is in providing sustainable, safe employment for people who may otherwise be vulnerable to exploitation. Fair Trade practices ensure good working conditions and fair pay – a living wage, for workers and artisans in disadvantaged markets. This webinar will present: A quick overview of the 10 Principles of Fair Trade which provide a framework for businesses to help reduce poverty through trade How the 10 Fair Trade principles support ending modern slavery A real business Import Ants flourishing within the Fair Trade principles and what that means for consumers and workers in the supply chain

Recorded Webinar: Chandra Kachhipati from Sana Hastakala Nepal #buildbackfairer #fairtrade

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We were privileged to have Chandra Kachhipati from Nepal in Sydney on 6th May 2021 to speak about his experience as Executive Director with Sana Hastakala over the past 30 years, a leading fair trade organisation in Nepal. Watch Chandra's presentation to hear how Chandra provided insight into the impact of Covid on fair trade enterprises in Nepal and how we can work together to Build Back Fairer post-Covid.

Video | Fair Trade Fashion Parade 2021 | Fashion Revolution

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Watch the highlights from our showcase of artisan-made Fair Trade fashion, from our Fair Trade Fashion Parade on 21st April in Sydney, Australia. Fair Trade supports producers in disadvantaged communities from around the world. #whomademyclothes ​ #fashionrevolution ​ #buildbackfairer ​ #fairtradelocal

Recorded webinar: Fighting Poverty with Fair Trade

By Fair Trade Association of ANZ, Moral Fairground | Blog, News |

Fighting Poverty through Fair Trade. Hear how Fair Trade movement fights poverty through trade and how you can get involved. Nimmity Zappert, Chair of the Fair Trade Association of ANZ, will provide an overview of the Fair Trade Movement and speak with two Fair Trade businesses to share their story and how your support impacts the lives of their producers.

Recorded Webinar: Be Slavery Free on the Elimination of Child Labour

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Guest Speakers Carolyn and Fuzz Kitto of Be Slavery Free join the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand to provide insight into the current state of child labour and its impacts globally. Carolyn and Fuzz will share how they are working to eliminate child labour as part of their work for our world to Be Slavery Free. The UN has declared 2021 as the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour, which provides an opportunity to address the challenges posed by COVID-19 and to accelerate progress towards the goal set by the Sustainable Development Goals to end child labour in all its forms by 2025.

An example of the impact of Covid shared by many

By Meera Bhattarai, Association for Craft Producers | Blog, News |

Build Back Fairer on the 2nd Anniversary of the Fair Trade Charter on this UN Global Goals Week 2020

By Andy Good, Treasurer Fair Trade Association of ANZ | Blog |

Did you know this week has been Global Goals Week? The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were launched 5 years ago by world leaders at the 2015 General Assembly and consist of 17 high-level goals with 169 targets. By eliminating old divisions between North and South it gives all of us a role in responsible, respectful co-habitation on our planet. The UN goals are ambitious, but they are achievable with the help of partnerships between governments, NGOs, international organisations, and businesses. These goals bind the UN bodies, representatives, and staff—as well as their many partners—around a common mission.

Fairtrade Chocolate. Who makes your Easter Eggs?

By Damian O'Keefe, Administration Officer, Fair Trade Association of ANZ | Blog |

According to a recent CSIRO study the average Australian consumes 32kg of chocolate annually. Australians will spend more than $7 million on Easter eggs again this year.  How many of us consider how this chocolate is produced and understand the impacts of this industry on the communities around the world who produce it for us to enjoy?

Article: Rev. John Martin on Building Back Fairer

By Rev. John Martin, Executive Committee, Fair Trade Association of ANZ | Blog, News |

“Many Australians, including Christians, generously donate to aid organisations who help in times of disaster and in the development space by helping to lift living conditions. Fair Trade can be seen as ‘aid through trade’. We all make purchases, including tea, coffee, chocolate, clothes and other goods. Fair Trade is a way of doing differently what we already do every day,” says The Rev’d John Martin from Resource Church the Parish of Robina, as World Fair Trade Day approaches on 8 May. 

Audio: Radio Skid Row on Fair Trade and Fashion Revolution

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Listen to Nimmity Zappert, Chair of the Fair Trade Association of ANZ, speak with Colin Hesse at Radio Skid Row on all things Fair Trade and Fashion Revolution.   Listen to learn about what makes Fair Trade different, the difference between slow and fast fashion, all about the Fashion Revolution and World Fair Trade Day and how you can join in the fun at upcoming events!

Be slavery free and fair trade: A common history - modern solutions?

By Andy Good, Treasurer Fair Trade Association of ANZ | Blog |

The Fair Trade Association recently joined the call for Australian business to remove modern slavery from its supply chains. As part of our social justice objectives, we support the legislative requirements already in the Federal Law and the proposed NSW State Law which has been passed but not proclaimed. I want to explore the complementary role of Fair Trade to these campaigns as living examples attempting to build viable supply chains that deliver slavery free livelihoods with dignity.

Supporting each other through Covid-19

By Nimmity Zappert, Chair FTAANZ | Blog |

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